Stress Elimination System

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Welcome! I'm Bronwen Pierson, creator of the Stress Elimination System, and this is my story of how it came to be.

We all have different personality types, and so we all experience stress for different reasons. Something that stresses one person out might not stress another person out and vice versa.

I stressed out because I’ve always been that classic, type A, overachiever. As a teenager, I pressured myself to get perfect grades, do every sport offered, and participate in everything going. As an adult, I pressured myself to never make a mistake in my law office and real estate brokerage, to stay in good shape, to have great healthy habits, and to be the best wife, family member, friend and mom possible.

I felt pressure all the time. I even felt pressure to be happy and functional. Fear of failure had a death grip on me. I had a lot of muscle tension, pain and headaches, and around my mid-forties, anxiety started to hit me. Then my skeletal system started to fail and my neck or my back would go out of place and leave me immobilized. I broke out in a horrendous bloody, pussy huge rash that wrapped all around my neck and lasted for months.

In spite of all my efforts to achieve, I felt like I was failing, and I felt like the stress was suffocating me. I remember saying, “I wish I would just have a nervous breakdown so people would believe that I can’t keep doing all this!”

At that point, I had had enough. I wasn’t going to live that way, and so I started researching how to change it. I applied what I learned to what I knew about human behavior from years of counseling my legal and real estate clients. I formulated a stress elimination SYSTEM that is derived from many books, places, people, trainings and experimentation.

I am a completely different person now in many ways. I am still me, but I am me without chronic stress. I feel Lucky about how I live each day - and I am so grateful to be able to share what I have developed with you!