Stress Elimination System Part 1

Communicating with Yourself

How Can I Help You Eliminate Your Stress?


Are you feeling the pressure of stress all the time or more than you want to?

When you catch your face in the mirror do you see the strain of that pressure?

Do you feel like stress has the power to stay in your life even though you want it gone?

Are you worrying a lot, feeling guilty, overwhelmed at times, like you are under a lot of pressure and spread too thin, pushing through your days wishing for more energy?

Are you fighting headaches, tense neck or back muscles, or stomach problems?

Do you feel conflicted because this is not who you are at heart? The real you is more relaxed, peaceful, content and happy to be alive and helping others.

  • Are you snapping at people you care about, or getting easily frustrated and irritated?
  • Are you procrastinating on doing the things you want to do to be a happy, healthy, productive person?
  • Are you always hoping for ways to change your situation?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could just quit and make it all go away?

This Stress Elimination System teaches you how to get rid of stress in a way that applies directly to your life and your individual circumstances.

You'll be able to control and manage stress at will. You can start to make it go away right now…starting today…yourself.


My goal is to offer it this course to anyone who wants it.

This course priced at market standards would be at least $500. The first course is $69, not because that is what it's worth, but because I believe everyone has $69 or can get $69 without it stressing them out.


If you don’t learn how to get rid of your stress, then it will continue to take its toll on you. Your body cannot be healthy AND be in chronic stress. It's simply not possible.

Symptoms will keep popping up that can lead to depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic pain and autoimmune diseases.

Will you then be adding to someone else's stress because they have to take care of you?

Like many people, technology has really stressed me out in the past.

I had a very busy law practice and owned a real estate company for many years, and when technology wouldn’t work, I would get so angry because everything that I did was on a deadline.
Fast forward to a time after I’d been practicing some of the techniques in this course, and my printer wouldn’t work. After a couple of tries, I felt that old surge of anger and frustration, and I felt like I wanted to throw the printer out the window.

But instead of following that surge like I used to, I recognized it within seconds. I was immediately able to identify what was really triggering my stress – a fear of falling behind – and see instantaneously that my stress response would only hinder my efforts work through the issue. I actually started laughing at myself because I could recognize how immature I was acting. The rush of anger went away just as fast as it came, and I was able to find the best available solution quickly.

When I was recording this class, I had several technology problems, and I’d lose big sections of the recordings. But I did’t even have the initial surge of anger, it doesn’t even trigger because of the system in this course. I’m able to immediately identify my options and move forward without any stress.
This is how you can learn to communicate with yourself to eliminate stress from your life. This is an example of a relatively small stressor, but the premise will apply to all your stressors.


This system is not for someone who wants to blame their stress on someone or something else, complain about their stress rather than work to eliminate it, or make excuses for why they are stressed.

This system IS for the person who wants to DO SOMETHING about their stress.

In order to do that, you have to look at where it is generated - from inside you. When you look inside you can learn how to eliminate it- once and for all.

When you eliminate stress, all of your behaviors and actions start to lead you toward living the life you want. You feel more peace, contentment and freedom to be yourself. You start to Create Your Own Luck and inspire those around you.

Here is how one self-employed woman explains her experience with this system:

"Bronwen's program has helped me to transition out of feeling hopeless, unhappy, stressed and lost in what I wanted to do with my life. Her system really helped me to break through my limiting beliefs so I could create my own luck. Since then I have created my own business to help busy people stress less so they can feel more empowered. I really do feel happier and more worthy of success than I ever have. Don't delay-sign up for Bronwen's program today! You are SO worth it!" - P.E.


The strong desire to blame, complain, make excuses, rationalize and feel self-pity when we are stressed blocks us. All these behaviors direct your attention outside of yourself at the problems. You can’t find the solution inside when you are focused on the outside problem.

"Applying Living Above the Line to my personal and professional life has been transformational. It is a powerful tool that taught me how to dig below identified stressors to discover how my own feelings, experiences and stories were feeding the stressors! With this clarity and knowing how to seek Living Above the Line, I am better equipped to manage stress. I am empowered with more inspiration, motivation and courage. As a Mind-Body-Energy Medicine practitioner, I am impressed with the integration of exercises for both the left and right brains. Using both hemispheres of the brain enables greater awareness and sustained change." - W.V.



People look for bandaids to relieve them of the pressure they feel from stress. Some of these bandaids are healthy like exercise or a spa day, and some are unhealthy like stress eating and addiction. But these only provide TEMPORARY RELIEF. For instance, I love massage for stress reduction, but does it eliminate what is causing your stress? Or do you have to go back for more once you tense your muscles back up again dealing with your problems? Massage is really incredible when you don't keep undoing the improvements!

People think they have to change their outside circumstances to change their stress level, but how well does that work? How does that work for you? Do you think that you can gain control over all the adversity that you are exposed to?

The way to relieve stress is to learn how to communicate with it. When you focus inside to find and pull out the root cause, then you eliminate it once and for all. This is PERMANENT RELIEF

Don't have the time?

Thinking you will have more time in the future, which is a form of procrastination, is your brain’s favorite way of keeping the status quo that it already knows. Thinking that you will have more time in the future is a false promise. When will you have the time if you don’t create the time? If you want to eliminate stress then you have to COMMIT to a time to start. Then you know if you put it off that you are being tricked by your brain to never do it.

I want to educate you on how to commit intentionally. If you want to eliminate stress, then you have to make the time to do it. I challenge you to pick a date…when are you going to start and mark it on your calendar. Now you can start to see objectively if you are following through with your intentions, or if your brain is tricking you into procrastinating while you continue to feel unhappy about some parts of your life and suffer the effects of stress.

Here are some creative solutions for making time:

*Move helping yourself up on your list of priorities. This may mean taking time away from helping others while you go through this process. The end result will be having more ability to truly help others.

*Get up 30 minutes earlier and do 20 minutes of coursework.

*Use 20 minutes of your lunch hour if you have some privacy.

*Take a weekend day or a weekday if you have the option, and do some work for an extended period of time.

*BEST TECHNIQUE: find a buddy. Find someone who is stressed too that wants to commit to being an accountability team and start the System at the same time as you. This makes the whole process more fun and more sustainable.

I have heard many people say that they are scared to look inside. But that's like ignoring going to the doctor when you have a persistent, inexplicable painful condition:) This behavior will only allow the problem to grow worse until you address it. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. The irony is that once people have the courage to look inside, what they find isn’t scary at all…it is liberating!

Take it from this young woman who took this course while pregnant for the 1st time:

"I’m a 29-year-old female, working full time in the insurance industry in Portland, Maine. I think of myself as a happy person, but I know I can always improve on my happiness and communication skills when stressful times come at me. That is one of the many reasons why I wanted to take Bronwen’s class. I also am currently 8 months pregnant and reflecting on life. it’s becoming more apparent how stress can lead some families that find themselves in hard situations to take a turn for the worse if they don’t know how to properly communication not only with themselves but those around them.

While taking Bronwen’s class I realized how growing up has really shaped how I handle stressful situations. This is something that I never thought of and soon realized the importance of finding my root cause of stress. It's not easy reflecting on your past, but I can promise you when you realize what your root causes are, it's so much easier handling the stressful situations life throws at you. My husband didn’t want to take the class when I first started. With him being able to see the impact this class has made on my life he decided to take the class on his own. That seems like a win to me!" - B.A

The Stress Elimination System streamlines you through this process of looking inside and being able to eliminate your stress and shift your mood and behaviors and actions so that they add up to a life you feel good about.

It's like distilling thousands of pages of reading into its essence, and then applying it to you personally step-by-step so you don’t have to figure it out. It will save you years of self-discovery so you can start creating the life you want today.

You'll feel more empowered to deal with stress after the first HOUR of the course. You don’t have to wait until you have completed the whole thing to start changing your life. You'll change more and more with each 30 minutes you put into it!

I look forward to an amazing journey together!

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Your Instructor

Bronwen Pierson, Esq.
Bronwen Pierson, Esq.

And you thought all lawyers cause stress! I can tell you that I caused myself heaps of stress in that profession for almost 20 years. I also witnessed and dealt with heaps of stress in my clients. The good news is that if I hadn't experienced all that, I wouldn't be here with a system to eliminate it. What started as research to salvage my own health led to ways to teach it to others. The more I learned about chronic stress, the more committed I became to contribute to a movement to eliminate it. I learned that it is simpler and much more within our control than I imagined. This is a system for lay people by a lay person. However, it is uncanny how invaluable my legal counseling experience has been in understanding how to create an effective system that results in you being able to Create Your Own Luck which then spreads to others. All those years of helping my clients put their stress-induced emotions aside to logically analyze and make choices honed my expertise for creating this system.

Visit piersonwellness.com for more information about Bronwen and Pierson Wellness LLC.

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The course is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. There is approximately 10-15 hours of coursework involved.
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